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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Fat burning dinner anyone??

    Fat burning dinner anyone??

    To get the most benefit from your meal, and to make sure you are burning fat make sure your meals include these things: Protein Protein - Aim for at least 30-40g with every meal. Protein provides satiety, so you are left feeling full and satisfied and won’t need to snack after an hour or so. It provides the building blocks you need to build lean muscle and has the highest thermic effect on food, meaning our metabolic rate is increased as it takes more energy to absorb and break down and so burns more calories. Vegetables Vegetables also contain satiety fibre, and are low in calories and provide our bodies with high amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Nutrient ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Amazingly Healthy food Combo's

    Amazingly Healthy food Combo's

    Did you know that combining certain foods can maximise the benefit of eating them!?! Here are 3 combos you can try and why they work so well together: Kale and Chicken 1 cup of Kale contains 120% of the recommended intake of Vitamin , add that to a chicken drumstick, which is a rich source of building blocks for collagen, and you maximise the synthesis of collagen in your own body for healthier joints and skin, hair and nails. Eggs and Rainbow Salad By eating eggs, combined with a lovely bowl of leafy greens you will maximise the absorption of fat soluble compounds in the greens, including carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin which all play a role in ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Health Benefits of getting enough Omega 3

    Health Benefits of getting enough Omega 3

    Omega 3 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, are very important for our overall health. They help to maintain healthy cells, heart, and brain health, they improve insulin sensitivity, mood and help balance out our hormones. Omega 3 especially help to regulate our cortisol level, or the stress hormone. When we are stressed and our cortisol level is elevated it causes havoc with the thyroid, which in turn causes your body to store belly fat. Omega 3 also provide the starting point for making hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of artery walls, and inflammation. Making sure we get enough Omega-3 fats 3 in our diet have been shown to help ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Do you walk enough?

    Do you walk enough?

    Do You Walk Enough? How many of walk enough? And of those of us that do do we really push ourselves and get the most benefit from it? How do you get to work? Do you tube it, drive, walk, bike, or even run? Now that spring is finally on the way and we don’t have to carry all those heavy coats and umbrellas everywhere we go isn;t it time we gave our morning routine a wake up call. I know a lot of us have a long way to travel, but even small changes like getting off the bus or tube 1 or 2 stops earlier can really make the difference. Regular walking is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, asthma, and certain types of cancer. ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Boost Your Metabolism

    Boost Your Metabolism

    Metabolism ….or in other words the amount of calories your body needs while resting. SO if you have a higher metabolism then you will be burning more calories while you are not exercising. Sound good… errrr yes I hear you say, then here are some scientifically proven ways to boost yours: Build muscle - while strength training won;t burn many calories during your workout,, you will continue to burn up calories up to 48 hours after as your muscles repair and get stronger. Plus … the more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate and it takes a lot of energy to sustain this tissue e en when you are relaxing on the sofa! Sleep!! - Thats ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Pelvic floor health is no laughing matter

    Pelvic floor health is no laughing matter

    The effect of having a poor pelvic floor and the stress it causes women, and specifically after giving birth, is still a huge taboo and something most women find very embarrassing. Did you know over 7 million women in the UK suffer from weakened pelvic floor after having children! Well known celebrities have recently talked openly about the fact they suffer from incontinence, such as Kate Winslet and Carol Smilie. It most often happens ladies are jumping around, or when they sneeze, cough or even laugh. A lot of my clients suffer from it, and we work hard to help them build up the strength in their pelvic floor. They often comment how when they leave hospital ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Carbs aren’t the enemy!!

    Carbs aren’t the enemy!!

    Did you know some of the healthiest people in the world eat a lot of carbs! Yes you heard me correctly, they eat carbs!! And who are they …. The japanese. They have the second highest life expectancy in the world, and have an obesity rate of only 3.5%!! And they are 15% less likely to die of strokes or cardiovascular disease. Their nutrition guidelines reflect the country's traditional diet which is high in grains, fish, soybean products. But how can they eat so many grains and not get fat? It’s because of the quality of the food they eat, their activity levels and the low amount of processed foods and sugar. Carbs come in ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Do you suffer from chocolate cravings??

    Do you suffer from chocolate cravings??

    Have you still got a ton of chocolate left from the weekend, or have you munched your way through most of it already? Is it something you regularly get cravings for? If so, then keep reading! I’m going to talk about some of the common reasons we reach for chocolate, and how to deal with chocolate cravings when they hit! Chocolate craving: after a meal If you’re used to having dessert after dinner, it might purely be a habit that you start craving chocolate after a meal. A good way to reduce chocolate cravings at this time of day is by switching the chocolate to something sweet that is still good for you. Try swapping squares of chocolate for ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - 15 second Stress Hack

    15 second Stress Hack

    Our everyday lives can get so busy we sometimes forget to take time out for ourselves and just be in the moment. We can get so stressed and pulled down with all the things we have to get done every day, work, children, seeing friends and family, just life in general, but it is so important to make sure we focus on us once in a while too. I focus a lot on business everyday, and fitting in family life with my training and aldo nutrition, but I also make sure i set aside time to focus on my mindset. Mindfulness helps the body deal with anxiety and stress so if we are setting time in our schedules to make sure we do this is can help us reduce the stress we feel doing our ....

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  • Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru - Counting the minutes until lunchtime??

    Counting the minutes until lunchtime??

    Have you skipped breakfast or only had a round of toast? You get to the office and by 9.30am you’re reaching for the biscuits. When the morning feels like it’s going a little slower than usual. You are already thinking about lunchtime and watching the clock!! But it’s only 11am! Is it too early to eat lunch? While you don’t need to ignore a rumbling stomach, wanting to eat lunch earlier might not always be because you’re hungry. These are a few reasons why you might want to eat lunch early: Your breakfast isn’t as healthy and nutritious as it should be We all need to eat a substantial breakfast … ....

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