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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - How to Change Unhealthy Habits

    How to Change Unhealthy Habits

    Wherever you are in life in terms of your health and fitness is the summation of a series of habits. If you have healthy habits for example (like working out each day and eating healthily) then it’s likely you are in good shape and healthy. If your habits include eating too many chocolate bars and watching tv for hours and hours at a time then I am guessing you are not in as great shape or as healthy as you want to be. How do we Change Those Habits? How do we Create Healthy Ones? Everyone has heard of will power and it’s good to enhance and utilise this when you need to. Having said that, will power should be seen as a reserve. It runs out throughout the day and you ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Spirulina - How Good Is It??

    Spirulina - How Good Is It??

    I’m sure lots of people hear the term ‘algae’ and are completely turned off by the idea of spirulina. But there are plenty of supporters of spirulina, with good reason. It’s packed with a range of nutrients and can provide many health benefits. Here is some info about spirulina you might not know! It really is an algae
    – Yum!!
    Technically, spirulina is a cyanobacteria. It’s a type of blue-green algae that naturally grows in ponds or freshwater lakes, relying on sunshine, pure water and tropical conditions to bloom. It can be a source of protein
    While the exact amount of protein depends on the variety of spirulina, by dry ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Sue Wade Client of The Month July 2017

    Sue Wade Client of The Month July 2017

    Sue Wade - July Client of the Month Jamie: What was your goal when you signed up? Sue: My goal was to get fitter, to lose weight and to try to change my day to day living. Jamie: Why was this important to you? Sue: Long term health. It was something I felt I needed a lot of help with - I’ve tried to do it on my own and I’ve thought better to do it with other people helping. Jamie: What were those 1 or 2 things that have stopped you achieving your goals in the past? Sue: I suppose I’d achieve it in incremental bits, but never continuously. It was always a diet or a stretch of time doing something, and what I wanted to do was ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Holiday Fit Tips - Your Guide!

    Holiday Fit Tips - Your Guide!

    Holiday season is almost upon us! Schools are finishing soon and there will be lots of people heading away on vacation to seek sun, sea and sand. What usually happens on holiday is a complete blow out! We eat huge portions of junk food and drink lots of alcohol all day including at breakfast… Well, we are on holiday right? Treat yourself right? Wrong! It doesn’t have to be that way! You will end up coming back off your holiday feeling crap, with thoughts like “better get back to the gym, I feel so tired and crappy, I’ve probably put on a stone this week!”. That’s not what holidays are for! You were supposed to come back feeling refreshed, right? ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Boost your energy with these 5 foods

    Boost your energy with these 5 foods

    Spinach Spinach is first on the list (of course) because it is extremely high in iron, magnesium and potassium. Magnesium plays a vital role in producing energy, and combined with potassium enables effective digestion in the stomach and the regulation of nerve and muscle function. Perfect for those high intensity workouts! Add some fresh spinach to your favourite salad, or serve it wilted with some eggs for breakfast. If you think you have enough spinach, think again! Just keep adding more of it!
    Oatmeal Oatmeal is a fab breakfast option as it’s packed with fiber that helps regulate blood sugar. When blood sugar levels spike and then drop, we are left feeling ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

    How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

    It’s hard, when the sun is shining and it’s hot outside and the last thing you want to do is spend your day in an office or do your training session as planned. You just want to relax and take in this glorious weather! Well that’s a very important thing to do (I suggest you definitely make time to really enjoy relaxing in the sun), however, if you have goals you want to achieve, you must stay committed and stick to them, whatever the weather! It’s easy to have a vision and be motivated for a week or a month, but fitness is a lifestyle, and as soon as you take those days off or say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, it’s easy to fall off ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - How Bad is sugar for fat loss?

    How Bad is sugar for fat loss?

    We all know sugar is a big no no when it comes to losing weight and healthy eating. But how bad actually is it for weight loss? The crux of the matter is you really cannot be taking in excess ‘empty’ calories if you want to lose weight - they are not your friend. It is far better to fill yourself up with nutritional calories, which keep you satisfied for longer, than having that spike in energy - leading to that dreaded low! So let’s look at the kinds of sugar there are and how bad they really are for you. Naturally Occurring Sugars: The modern taste buds are very accustomed to ultra sweet food! Therefore companies trying to sell lots of ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 7 tips for a flat stomach

    7 tips for a flat stomach

    Drink 3-4 Litres of Water per day Drinking lots of water can flush away toxins that build up in our system. Getting rid of those toxins can help to enhance glowing skin and encourage a flat tummy. Drinking lots of fluids does not mean just consuming gallons of water - drinking healthy drinks like green teas with anti-oxidants and fresh vegetable and fruit juices can contribute to the 3-4 litres you should have. Get creative with your snacks too - for example, aim to eat fruits with lots of water in them, like watermelon!
    Cleanse your Colon A well functioning digestive system is the key factor to having a flat stomach. You should maintain a healthy and clean colon ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 7 Signs You Need More Sleep

    7 Signs You Need More Sleep

    You’re always Hungry Not getting enough sleep can trigger the hunger hormone (ghrelin) to increase in your gut. "If the brain is not getting the energy it needs from sleep it will often try to get it from food," a statement concluded from findings at Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Virginia. Let’s be realistic, how often (when we are starving hungry) do we plan and prepare a nutritious, low carb, thought-out meal? Never! We run to the sweets cupboard and snack on the first thing available - biscuits, chocolate bars, bread. Anything that will spark your energy back up, fast. And that energy will be sparked up, guaranteed - but at the expense ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 80/20 rule – Take the Power and Permission to Enjoy Your Life

    80/20 rule – Take the Power and Permission to Enjoy Your Life

    Lifestyle not Diet Being healthy is a lifestyle choice. Not a week of eating spinach whilst exercising 5 times a day like a crazy person - to then reward yourself with 3 weeks of junk food and back to back box sets! Leading a healthy lifestyle means making the majority of your choices in your life healthy ones. But being a realist is hugely important too. We cannot always be eating healthily - we must treat ourselves occasionally, to stay sane. Everything in moderation - including moderation! The Rule The 80/20 rule means you eat nutritious foods 80% of the time and allow yourself to indulge a little for the other 20% of the time. Nutritionist and personal trainer ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Tasty Vegetable Alternatives to Carb - Heavy Foods

    Tasty Vegetable Alternatives to Carb - Heavy Foods

    1. Cauliflower Pizza Base
    What you’ll need: 2 pounds cauliflower florets - made into rice 1 egg, beaten 1/3 cup soft goat cheese (chevre) 1 teaspoon dried oregano pinch of salt Pulse raw cauliflower in a food processor and boil in about an inch of water for 4-5mins. Strain using a fine mesh sieve and (this is the secret) put onto a clean, thin tea towel, twist it up and then squeeze it so all the liquid comes out. Then in a large bowl, mix together the strained cauliflower, beaten egg, goats cheese and herbs and spices (don’t be afraid to use your hands!). Put the ‘dough’ onto baking paper on a tray and bake for 35-40 mins at 200 ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 5 ways to add more calm into your life

    5 ways to add more calm into your life

    Your Daily Moment of Joy! While we are engaged in fantastic new technology, which opens up the lives of others so we can check in and see what they’re doing, it’s easy to forget to stay present in the moment and we can neglect our own needs. We must learn to appreciate other people’s achievements, yes, but also support them in their struggles without taking them on as our own stress. Make sure you’re living your life, not overly concerned with someone else's. Dedicate 10 minutes each day to something that brings you joy! Read some of that compelling book, listen to that song you love really loudly in your headphones, anything that gives you that little ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Is it Bad to Workout Just Once a Week?

    Is it Bad to Workout Just Once a Week?

    While it’s better to be working out once a week than not at all, that one session per week may come with a catch. According to a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine , you may only need to work out once a week to gain the health benefits including lowered risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other health issues. In the study, when looking at people's exercise habits (with patterns defined as "inactive," "weekend warrior," and "regularly active") in comparison to their death rates, researchers found that "1 to 2 sessions every week of moderate to vigorous-intensity purposeful physical activity was sufficient to reduce CVD, and cancer ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - June Client of the Month

    June Client of the Month

    Shivani Shaunak - June Client of the Month

    Ashley: When did you start with us?
    Shivani: I started back in January on the 21 day challenge and I’ve been doing the Fit and Lean Programme since as well. It’s been really good - quite a journey! Ashley: What was your goal when you started?
    Shivani: Initially I wanted to aim to go down 2 dress sizes and get ready for my sister's wedding which is coming up in the summer. But also just overall fitness and I was getting a bit out of shape and it was time to do something about it. New year, new start and wanted to make a change quickly, so I thought the programme would be a good way to start. ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Is eating carbs after 6pm bad?

    Is eating carbs after 6pm bad?

    Your total daily calorie intake versus the amount of energy you expend on exercise and day to day living determines whether or not you’ll effectively lose weight. Avoiding carbohydrates after 6 p.m. may help prevent you from overeating. However, eliminating carbs after 6 p.m. doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose weight.
    Benefits of Cutting Down Carbohydrates
    Eating carbohydrates after 6 p.m. before you go to bed may cause you to exceed your weight-loss calorie needs, especially if you're eating for reasons such as boredom, sadness or stress, rather than genuine hunger. Harvard Health Publications suggests that eating a large number of calories, such as from ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - HIIT - Is It Really So Amazing?

    HIIT - Is It Really So Amazing?

    HIIT is a high-momentum fitness trend – born in 2013 from a seven- minute workout championed by American scientists – HIIT has certainly reached peak acceleration within the UK’s wellness community. Now available in many iterations, every studio and personal trainer offers their own interpretation of the fitness principle designed to deliver better results in return for maximum effort. Read: maximum discomfort. Sometimes abbreviated as HIIT, sometimes as HICT (high-intensity circuit training), let’s highlight the second letter for a moment – intensity. On a scale of one to ten, HIIT training should put you at an eight or more during working intervals. What ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - How Can I Lose My Belly Fat??

    How Can I Lose My Belly Fat??

    “How can I lose my belly fat?” This is the Nos 1 question that I always get asked. Most of us want to lose fat from the mid-section. So How do you do it? Firstly, you have to eat and drink responsibly and have a god exercise routine Ok. So let’s assume your exercising well and deal with your nutrition: To start with you need to do two things: 1) Cut down on low-nutritious foods. That generally means all food you snack on. Chocolate, crisps, sweets….(I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.) 2) If you drink, cut down on your alcohol consumption as that goes straight to your belly. Once ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 4 (Surprising) Things that Make You Gain Belly Fat

    4 (Surprising) Things that Make You Gain Belly Fat

    1) Low-protein diets
    Eating enough protein is one of the most important things to stop weight gain. Protein make you feel full and satisfied, increases your metabolic rate and leads to a reduction in calories. On the flip side, low protein can cause you to gain belly fat over the long term Several large studies suggest that people who eat a high amount of protein are the least likely to have excess belly fat. So make sure you have a protein source with EVERY meal
    2) Alcohol
    Ok. This isn’t a surprise, but thought I’d mention it as a friendly reminder. What is a surprise is how many people choose to ignore this. I wonder why?? Having said that…. some ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 3 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

    3 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

    3 Ways To Lose Weight Fast
    So you want to lose weight? There are lots of ways you can lose weight fast. Some more extreme than others If you don’t eat for the next 4 weeks you’ll probably lose a significant amount of weight but you really won’t feel very good and you won’t look very good either. So don’t do that Your daily calories shouldn’t really drop below 1000. If they do, then essentially you’ll be starving yourself Your body and mind can’t function properly, you’ll feel awful and you’ll also be losing muscle as well as fat. You don’t want to feel hungry and unsatisfied. Which is what most people ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 5 Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

    5 Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

    5 Things You Should Never Do Before Bed
    Your bed is for sleeping, and sleeping only! We all know that, right? How many of us have spent what feels like hours tossing and turning, getting pretty much no sleep at all? It’s so frustrating! We’ve been rushed off our feet all day, squashed into a packed tube carriage, honoring our plans with friends and making family time! So it’s understandable when we find it hard to switch off and relax at night! Our daily routine can dramatically impact the quality of your sleep - so what can we do to improve our routine and thus improve our sleep? What’s known as good ‘sleep hygiene’ is ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 3 Exercises to Tone Your Tummy

    3 Exercises to Tone Your Tummy

    Tone Your Tummy With These 3 Exercises

    SO ladies, you may have just opened this blog hoping to see 3 easy ab exercise that are going to magically make your unwanted belly fat disappear. Whilst its not quite that simple as that, there are 3 daily exercise you can do that also may really surprise you! One thing that many people believe but is not actually true, is you don’t necessarily NEED to to specific ‘ab’ exercises every day in order to achieve lean and and ‘toned’ abs. This general idea, also known as spot reduction
    , is, to be totally honest, absolute rubbish!! What I mean is you can’t pick and choose where you lose your fat from on ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - May Client of the Month

    May Client of the Month

    A huge congratulations to Jessica who has been crowned May’s Client of the Month!! Jessica has a busy job and an even busier home life looking after 2 young children and a husband, so over the last few years has found it almost impossible to find time for good, consistent exercise. Sound familiar? I know we’ve all been in similar situations where life can just takeover, once your out of the habit getting back into it seems a daunting task...but Jessica jumped back in just over 3 months ago and is now smashing all her workouts and feeling much healthier and happier! Good Job Jessica!! Ashley: How did you hear about us? Jessica: I first saw your ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Kettlebells …. And Why You Should Love Them …

    Kettlebells …. And Why You Should Love Them …

    First off, let me explain to you what a kettlebell is if you don’t already know. It’s a cannon ball shaped piece of metal of varying weights with a C-shaped offset handle attached. “Why are we using kettlebells? You know it’s harder with kettlebells?”
    Well there you have it, there’s your answer as to why you should love them and why we use them. Yes you are right it’s harder, but I’m not asking you to do anything I haven’t done already. So yes ladies and gentlemen, kettlebell training is hard but that doesn’t do the kettlebell justice and explain why I love kettlebells, so here it is. Kettlebells are ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 5 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

    5 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

    Lift weights?? Me?? Surely not?? Is that what you’re thinking, then you are not alone. Many women make the mistake of focusing primarily on cardio as a means of achieving the sleek, shapely and defined body that they desire. Sure, cardio is a great way of burning fat, and depending on what type of cardio exercise you are doing, it can also be helpful in toning specific muscles. However; if you want to achieve the results you are after as efficiently and effectively as possible, then you really have to ‘weight’ for it! Don’t shy away from lifting weights just because you’re concerned you might end up looking bulky or unfeminine, because this just ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - April Client of the Month

    April Client of the Month

    A massive Congratulations to Peter Dean who is April’s Client of the Month. Peter joined us in January after taking one of our Christmas offers and has been an awesome client and has completely smashed it. Peter works in the wine industry so there are many lunches, dinners & tastings to contend with so everyday can be a challenge. However, Peter has stayed focused, kept his eye on the prize and hit every monthly goal we set him, massively improving his Health and Fitness. So far he has lost 18lbs. 7.5cm’s off his waist and 6cm’s off his hips. Congratulations Peter!! A really awesome job!! Ashley: How did you hear about us?
    Peter: ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Balham's New Group Fitness Classes

    Balham's New Group Fitness Classes

    Balham’s New Group Fitness Classes: A very exciting announcement: We are always looking to give you better training, service and keep you motivated. So over the last 5 or 6 weeks have been looking at ways in which we could improve our Group Fitness Programme. Don’t get me wrong, the Smart Group Training programme has been running for the last 18 months and there is no doubt that it’s great training with so many of our members seeing and feeling the benefits and becoming real SGT fans! However, we all feel it’s now time for a change. As AGPF is growing and developing we wanted to be able to offer you more sessions with much more variety. So ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - March Client of the Month

    March Client of the Month

    Congratulations Chris, who is our Client of the Month for March. Chris’s partner Sophie, bought him our Fit n lean Programme for Christmas as chris had fallen into the trap of working hard and doing absolutely no exercise at all. After getting over the initial shock that his partner had booked him 2 months of semi-private training he absolutely smashed it. Losing 3.75 inches of his waist, massively improving his functional movement and strength but the best thing was completely changing his mindset and attitude towards exercise. Literally going from a couch potato to a silver surfer. Congratulations Chris - Awesome work! Ashley: So Chris, how did you hear about us? Chris: ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Do you want to win? Start developing a succesful mindset

    Do you want to win? Start developing a succesful mindset

    Developing a successful mindset is the key to getting what you want in life, otherwise you’re always going to struggle. We see it day in day out, there are some people who are desperate to achieve a goal and they seem to do everything they can to achieve it. Yes, some get their faster than others but that doesn’t matter! It’s all about making small improvements each and every day. We also see people who clearly aren’t really bothered about achieving a goal, even when they say they are and who make excuse after excuse about why they haven’t made much progress. That’s why I love this quote by Jim Rohn: "If you ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Going Sugar Free in March with AG Personal Fitness Balham

    Going Sugar Free in March with AG Personal Fitness Balham

    Going Sugar Free in March with AG Personal Fitness Around this time last year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a type of bone marrow cancer. Myeloma is not a well-known form of cancer it doesn’t usually take the form of a lump or tumor. Instead the myeloma cells divide and expand within the bone marrow which damages the bones and can affect many places in the body. Which is why it’s called Multiple Myeloma. There are approximately 5,500 people diagnosed with myeloma every year in the UK. It’s the second most common form of blood cancer. The treatment for any type of cancer is not pleasant, I had 4 cycles of Chemo with a Stem Cell Transplant ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - AG Personal Fitness - Client of the Month - February '17

    AG Personal Fitness - Client of the Month - February '17

    Congratulations Mary Lonsdale who we’ve crowned February’s Client of the Month. Mary is on our 1-1 programme and has been training with us for the last 3 years. Mary has a very busy life, she runs her own business, looks after her husband David (which, believe me when I say this, is no easy task) and is a full time Mum to two young children. Mary wins this month because of the commitment and dedication to her Training and Nutrition and not allowing her hectic life to takeover, which as we all know is a very easy thing to let happen. In particular Mary has worked really hard on her food over the last few months by completely changing some of her habits (plus not letting ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - How To Make Healthy Eating Easy: Food Hack #2

    How To Make Healthy Eating Easy: Food Hack #2

    If you get the chance search for a Ted Talk on YouTube called “How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy” It's by Luke Durwad and his message was directed at people who are interested in losing weight, but who were having a hard time doing so. The advice he gave in his talk isn't really a secret but it's something that's often overlooked. Durward tells the audience about his 11-year-old brother, who was quite overweight for his age. Being a good older brother Durward is obviously concerned about his brother's weight gain and wants to help him out any way he can. So he decides to move back home for two weeks and take control of what his ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Struggling with your food habits??: Here's quick and easy food hack

    Struggling with your food habits??: Here's quick and easy food hack

    Do you find yourself making healthy food choicesand then always come unstuck when the feeder at work runs in with cake tin? Or are your days so stressful you just can’t avoid a date with bottle of wine most nights? “Aargh!! It was all going so well and now I’ve gone and ruined it!” Sound Familiar?? Firstly, I have to say, we’re all allowed to live a little. It’s important. We don’t need to live like a monk. It’s not enjoyable and it will probably send you a little crazy. The thing is, if you want to start looking after health, lose weight, improve your body comp or even just look and feel a whole lot better then we ....

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  • Our Friends

    First Aid for Life
    Practical First Aid training to give you the skills and confidence to know what to do in an emergency. Full day courses and short courses for Emergency First Aid and babies and children. Tel: 0208 675 4036 - Email:
    The Baby Care Company
    Provides informative, practical baby preparation classes for 1st and 2nd time mums/dads-to-be! ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Wandsworth Healthy Eating: “What is good nutrition anyway??”

    Wandsworth Healthy Eating: “What is good nutrition anyway??”

    If we ask 100 different people what good nutrition is we will get 100 different answers. There are over 50,000 diet books or products alone on Amazon. Google ‘ Healthy Diet’ and see how many results you get. I have so many daily conversations on this subject. Some people think a healthy diet and good nutrition means:
    Eating less sugar or quitting sugar
    Eating low fat
    Eating more protein
    Eating more fruits and vegetables
    Eating less then 1500 calories per day The list is endless. Even when we try to explain a ‘Balanced Diet’ we come up short. In truth good nutrition and a healthy diet is really a combination of 4 important ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - AG Personal Fitness - Client of the Month January '17

    AG Personal Fitness - Client of the Month January '17

    January’s Client of the Month is very well deserved. Congratulations to Sue Alhadeff!! Sue started training with us for over a year on our 1-1 and semi private programme's. Over the last year sue has made great progress in her training becoming much more agile and has built strength and lean muscle. Sue’s worked hard on her nutrition over the last year and has really got her head around what she needed to do to not only lose some weight but also make herself feel a whole lot better. Sue lost 6lbs in November and an amazing 14lbs over the Christmas period without feeling like she was on a ‘diet’. She would also suffer from eczema, especially in the winter months and ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - 4 easy ways to Speed up your Metabolism to Lose Weight

    4 easy ways to Speed up your Metabolism to Lose Weight

    I can remember a time when I could eat and drink what I wanted and it would have absolutely no effect on my body weight or shape! Looking back to my early twenties (and yes the memory is quite hazy) I realize that I used to get away with absolute murder. Even while I was dancing at quite a high level my nutrition was really quite poor. That little saying comes to mind “If I only knew then what I know now” haha Anyway, Can you remember when you didn’t have to worry so much about what you eat?
    If you can, then you were probably somewhere in your twenties and you had a High Metabolism. Your Metabolism is the chemical ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - AG Personal Fitness at the Wandsworth Business awards 2016

    AG Personal Fitness at the Wandsworth Business awards 2016

    2016 has certainly been a momentous year for all of us at AG Personal Fitness. We’ve made many significant improvements in all areas of our programmes this year. The Smart Group Training (SGT), Semi-private and 1-1 programmes have grown and improved across the board. Building a strong, supportive and friendly community is a huge importance and now having two very skilled trainers who not only share our vision and core values but who are passionate about helping people does make all the difference. In September, after 3 years of searching, planning and a fair few knockbacks we finally found and opened our first PT studio that serves the people of Balham, Tooting and ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Christmas Survival: 7 tips to beat the Christmas Bulge

    Christmas Survival: 7 tips to beat the Christmas Bulge

    I love this time of year it’s always so much fun. Christmas is so much more than just one day these days, it seems to start around the last week of November and finish sometime after New Year’s Eve – that’s more than a month!! I’m sure you’ve been knee deep in Christmas parties already! If you’re conscious of your health, your weight and your general well being Christmas can be a really challenging time. There’s tons of socialising with loads of rich food and of course waaay more booze than normal…. Lets look at a few shocking Christmas facts: 1) BEFORE LUNCH (2.08pm)
    the ....

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  • Grape, Apple & Lime smoothie Recipe

    1 apple, core and seeds removed 50g plain yoghurt 170ml unsweetened almond milk 40g grapes (any colour) juice of 1/2 a lime 3 ice cubes 1 large handful fresh spinach leaves Serves 1 Place all of the ingredients in a blender and pulse until creamy. Consume immediately. Per serving: 169 calories 5g fat 27g carbs 4g protei ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - No Carbs Till Marbs??: A users guide to eating the Carbohydrate

    No Carbs Till Marbs??: A users guide to eating the Carbohydrate

    The good old Carb does seem to have a rough ride at the moment with some people avoiding carbs at all costs….. “No carbs till Marbs”, “I don’t do carbs” Carbs? Don’t they make you fat?” Avoiding Carbs altogether is really not a good idea if you want a look and feel great. You need a balance of all 3 Macronutrients, Protein, Fat & Carbs. Avoiding carbs altogether will have a negative effect on your health. It is true that Low carb diets or a controlled carb approach (like we use in AGPF) are great for weight loss but at the same time this doesn’t mean that eating carbs ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Exercise Is For Your Life Not Just For Christmas

    Exercise Is For Your Life Not Just For Christmas

    As most of you know. My health and fitness has been really put to the test this year. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in February of this year. It’s not a well-known type of cancer so here’s a quick definition. MM is a cancer arising from plasma cells, a type of white blood cell which is made in the bone marrow. it doesn't exist as a lump or tumor but can effect 'multiple' bones in your body Without going into huge detail, In the summer I had 4 cycles of chemotherapy, to put me into remission and then a Stem Cell Transplant 2 months later. Yes, not very pleasant. Any type of cancer treatment or chemotherapy is really quite horrible, to say the least. ....

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  • Personal Training in London - AG Personal Fitness - Client Of the Month - November

    Client Of the Month - November

    Victoria has to be one of the big success stories of 2016. When I met her this time last year she was literally a completely different person. She won't mind me saying this but her day to day food habits were appalling and had never exercised properly in her whole life. Victoria knew she had to make some changes so she committed to 12 months training on our semi private programme. It was very difficult for her at first. The training was quite a shock. BUT she stuck to her guns, dug deep and focused on the long term. Victoria has trained every Monday and Wednesday at 06.30 in the morning all year and only missed a handful....I want to point out.... for someone who's ....

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  • Zumba at The Bedford - 6 Years Old!

    On Saturday the 29 October 2016. Zumba at the Bedford will be a massive 6 Years old!! When I started I never thought it would be so popular. To be honest, I almost didn’t open there because I didn’t think an exercise class in a PUB would work!! Ha Ha…how wrong I was!!! The Bedford is an awesome venue, with a purpose built ballroom upstairs, great sound system and great lighting. Mix that all up with some funky tunes and great people and you’re always guaranteed an awesome atmosphere! On Wednesday the 27 October 2010, only 12 people turned up (actually that’s not too bad for a 1st class) this gradually whittled its way down to 4 a month later and then ....

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  • Stress? Is if holding you back?

    Is stress holding you back from your goals? Has fat loss stopped? Do you always feel rundown? Are your workouts suffering? Do you have trouble sleeping? Having trained many different types of people in and around south London and at different times over the years I’ve suffered big time from stress. I know what a problem stress can be if it goes unchecked. Most people have busy jobs, busy home lives and family, chuck in an active social scene, a bit of alcohol, caffeine and too much training and you could be one stressed out monkey. So have you asked yourself recently, Stress, is it holding you back? So let’s delve into this, when we get stressed we release something called ....

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  • The Best Group Fitness Class in Balham

    Are you looking for the best group fitness class in Balham? Or even the best one in London? Do you want to lose weight? Get stronger? Feel you need to get back to regular exercise? Are you coming back from injury? Do you want your progress tracked and measured? Looking for a supportive community of like-minded people? Then Smart Group Training in Balham is the answer to your problems. SGT is much different to other group classes in fact; it’s light years in front of them. Why? Well every participant has a functional movement screen so we can see exactly where each individual is BEFORE they start training and every class is programmed accordingly. The ....

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  • Water and Fat Loss- Are you drinking enough?

    Drink water will help me lose fat? Benefits of Drinking water.
    Why is water so important for fat loss? First let’s look at what role it plays in our body. Water makes up close to 70% of our body, and our organs contain an even higher percentage of water. The liver for example, is nearly 95% comprised of water. Water shuttles nutrients throughout our body and helps rid it of toxins. It helps to assimilate the water-soluble vitamins and it regulates our body temperature. Water lubricates joints, helps with digestion and promotes healthy skin. There are too many benefits to drinking water to list. It plays a role in every chemical reaction within our cells. Drinking water reduces ....

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  • 5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight- Do you need help?

    As a results based Personal Training Co in Balham South London, talking about fat loss is a regular part of our day. There are many different causes but lets look at top 5 reasons you’re not losing weight, or it may even be it hasn’t started at all, so let’s delve into a few….(in no particular order)
    1 You’re not tracking your food
    Keep yourself accountable and keep a daily journal on what you’re eating. Once you do this it usually becomes very clear as to where the extra calories are coming in and why you’re not losing weight. It also keeps you aware on what you’re putting in your mouth on a daily basis. It will probably keep you away from ....

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  • Women, Weight-loss and Weight Training

    Women, Weight-loss and Weight training. The facts. Having run many successful weight loss programmes for women in Balham, the importance of lifting weights has never been more obvious. Adding weight training sessions to women’s weekly exercise regime always produces some amazing results, whether it’s weight on the scale, improvements in body fat % or just how they look and feel. There seems to be a deep-seated belief that doing reams and reams of cardio training is what you need to do for weight loss. Wrong. You train cardio for the health of your internal systems, heart, lungs etc For fat loss and improving and changing your body composition you need to lift weights. Fact. ....

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  • How to Look Sexy Firm and Lean

    Last week saw the launch of our second ‘Fit & Lean‘ programme. It’s a short strength-training programme, designed to show women in south London how to lose fat, tone up and head towards their best ever body… in other words how to look sexy firm and lean. I say ‘head towards’ because your not going to hit your big physical goal in 8 weeks but it’s certainly going to put you on the right road. The programme was very successful last time and those that continued training with us are really going great guns now. Some women visibly shudder when I talk to them about strength training. So I always ask this question: Do you want a body ....

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  • 21 Day Fitness Challenge March 2016

    Our first 21 Day fitness challenge this year is already over and I have to say it has been another great success. The challenge is open to everyone in Balham, Clapham, Tooting, actually anyone who lives in the Wandsworth area who’s not only interested in fat loss but who want to give their health and fitness a massive kick start. AGF run several 21day challenges throughout the year and they are always incredibly popular. Our first challenge of 2016 we ran throughout the month of March and once again we had some awesome results! This time we were able to run it a little different. We made several big changes, which improved the programme massively. The major change was making the ....

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  • New Year Resolutions?? Don't Bother!

    The statistics for keeping our resolutions aren’t great. Apparently, over 40% of us make a resolution but only 8% of us manage to be successful!! I’m sure you’ve heard some of these already….. “I’m going to lose weight.” “I’m going to be on time.” “This is my year to get organized.” I’ve joined a gym and I’m going to go three times each week.” The chances are that all these resolutions will be forgotten in weeks. In their place will be old habits, old results and the same old uneasy feeling of guilt and failure. Forget the Resolution Making New Year’s resolutions is such a strong ....

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  • Why Kettlebells?

    My love for Kettlebell training was born many years ago when I was re-habbing myself from a ripped disc in my lower back and last week, after 4 months of training, I passed the Strength Matters Kettlebell Certification . It’s a cert where not only your strength is assessed but also your technique and ability to instruct. I feel honoured to have passed and be a part of the Strength Matters community, which is a group of Fitness professionals who are interested in giving high quality training to themselves and their clients. I’m always asked “Why Kettlebells?” and “What do Kettlebells do?”. Mark Reifkind’s answer is spot on: Why a Kettlebell? To ....

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  • How you can get more form your workouts and smash your goals

    Whether you want to drop a dress size, lose the belly, tone up…or just feel a bit better….the newly formed Balham Bootcamp is THE group fitness programme, that you should be involved with. “Why?” Well, we are bringing in a system that is revolutionizing group workouts around the world. No one is using this in there group workouts in Balham, London or even the South of England! It’s called the Functional Movement Screen or FMS and it’s a way of screening people’s movement patterns so they stay healthy, away from injury, and we can make sure our workouts are safe, effective and help you smash your goals. (which….at the end of the ....

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  • The 21 Day Challenge in Balham

    The summer 21 day challenge ran from 09 July – 30 July and this time there was a bonus cash prize of £250 on offer!! Woooooo!! The 21 Day challenge is aimed to give participants a kick-start in their health and fitness. It’s open to anyone who wants to feel and look a whole lot better. We give everyone a meal plan with nutrition support and advice, 2 group workouts a week plus a couple of home workouts for the really keen. A favourite part of the programme has always been the private face book group where members share recipes, ideas, and give each other inspiration. This year we offered a £250 cash price! (GASP) Points were awarded for workouts, positive ....

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  • Alcohol: The Bitter Truth

    “Well? – Can I have a drink?” I’m always asked this question and sometimes it’s fiercely debated. A lot of people like a drink at the end of the day just ‘to take the edge off”. Some don’t all week and have a big blow out at the weekend Whatever you do it’s fine but if you’re interested in changing your body you need to know some facts… Alcohol and Calories The first thing that you need to note is how many calories are in alcohol. Alcohol contains seven calories per gram. Fat comes in at the highest calorie value per gram at nine, and carbohydrates at four calories per gram which places alcohol right in the ....

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  • How Do I Lose My Belly Fat?

    This is the question I always get asked. Most of us want to lose fat from the mid-section Fat gets such bad press but we need the right type of fats in our diet. We need a balance of all three macronutrients (protein, fat & Carbs) for a healthy diet, wether we want to lose weight or not! For decades, grains and other high carbohydrate foods formed the base of the food pyramid and the foundation for a “healthy diet”. All the while, fats were demonized. Unfortunately, these recommendations couldn’t be further from the ideal path to a flat belly. A diet high in wheat and other grain products inevitably leads to high blood sugar and poor sensitivity to the hormone ....

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  • A Little Secret...

    Let me let you into a little secret…. It’s one of the reasons my programmes are so successful… ACCOUNTABILITY!!
    I provide this with all of my programmes. “Accountability is the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions with the obligation to report, explain, and be responsible for the resulting consequences.” In other words, accountability keeps you consistent because you have to report back what you’re doing (or not doing) in your workouts and in the kitchen to someone else. I don’t just mean randomly reeling off what you had for breakfast in a training session – that’s absolutely no help at all! ....

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  • "Strength Training!?...are you crazy??"

    Here is a snippet of a conversation I have quite a lot, especially with women: Client/random: “Weight training?! But I don’t want to look like Arnie (Schwarzenegger)” Me: “Don’t worry it’s impossible. I promise you will never look anything like him” J Client/Random : “Don’t I just need to do more Cardio” Me : NO! Over the years we’ve been led to believe that lots of cardio is the only way to lose weight and stay fit. It’s important, of course, but whether your passion is Zumba, running, yoga, or tennis you cannot afford to neglect the strength-training element of your weekly workout routine. No form of ....

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  • You Can't Out Exercise a Bad Diet

    This week the British Journal of sports medicine released an article (you may have seen the reports on the news channels), ‘ That lack of exercise is not the cause of the obesity epidemic ’ it goes on to highlight the ‘ interests of the food manufacturing industry in contributing to the belief that inactivity rather than poor nutrition is to blame for the obesity crisis.’ The report states ” ‘…members of the public are drowned by an unhelpful message about maintaining a “healthy weight” through calorie counting, and many still wrongly believe that obesity is entirely due to lack of exercise. This false perception is rooted in the ....

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  • The 5 Types of Exercise

    The 5 types of Exercises
    There is so much information and advice about the right exercise, or what diet to do this month, or what you should and should’t be eating it’s hard to know where to look. Below we have condensed a few of this months most talked about topics. Exercise is an ability to perform a certain physical task. This can mean the ability to hold the body in ideal posture, run or squat. Your fitness is your ability to carry out the physical task. Aerobic
    This is Exercises over 20 reps (over 90secs) which includes aerobic circuit training and more traditional exercises such as running, cycling etc. Resistance
    Resistance is a technique to induce fatigue ....

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