The Best Group Fitness Class in Balham

Are you looking for the best group fitness class in Balham? Or even the best one in London?

Do you want to lose weight? Get stronger?

Feel you need to get back to regular exercise?

Are you coming back from injury?

Do you want your progress tracked and measured?

Looking for a supportive community of like-minded people?

Then Smart Group Training in Balham is the answer to your problems.

SGT is much different to other group classes in fact; it’s light years in front of them. Why?

Well every participant has a functional movement screen so we can see exactly where each individual is BEFORE they start training and every class is programmed accordingly.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a proven system that has been used extensively over the past decade. This system has been found to be so useful, that organizations such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and US Military have been using the data gathered from the screening process to help the athletes and soldiers function at their highest level possible.

Ok, these are extremely high functioning groups, but the information works for EVERYONE… not just professional athletes.

The movement screening process is a simple and effective way to identify potential problems before they ever happen.

Smart Group Training is the best group fitness class in Balham and South West London, and is the only group fitness class in the south of England that uses this system and personalises group workouts.

The problem I’ve always had with group training is that you get so many different types of people that come along, a range of ages, abilities, fitness levels and on top of that people with old or current injuries.

So, how do you give everyone a safe and effective workout??

98% of group fitness classes do not have any sort of movement screen before you start, British Military Fitness, Insanity, HIIT classes, NO screen. Even many cross fit boxes don’t screen which is just insane considering what they’re trying to teach and a very good indicator as to why they have such a high injury rate. Join your local gym or big one like Virgin you have your induction, the PT will happily show you around the equipment but they have no idea whether you should or shouldn’t be doing a shoulder press or a loaded squat! Having screened and trained hundreds of people I know how stupid, ridiculous and dangerous that is.

Moving better and more efficiently is very important and keeping away from injury and pain is absolutely vital. If someone has a movement pattern that is dysfunctional the very last thing you need to do is start loading it. You’ll just be compounding and adding to the problem, it’s only going to lead to pain and discomfort and you can forget about progress.

If your body’s able to move properly and efficiently then everything else becomes easier, life, you’ll get stronger, fat loss is easier, your body comp will change. If you load on dysfunction it’s like trying to build a house with some of the footings missing. Probably would work, if you patch it up here and there but wouldn’t look very good and be rather uncomfortable.

People have asked me for years to ‘do a bootcamp’ but I’ve kept away from it for all these reasons. I wanted to find a way that everyone who came along whether they were 30 year old man or a 60 year old woman would be able to have an effective yet safe workout. I wanted to bring the FMS into a group setting, where every individual would be screened and thankfully we found a system that works brilliantly.

Not only that but our trainers work incredibly hard not only programming each session but also programming each individual’s correctives. It’s not just written down quickly on a piece of paper 5 minutes before the class starts, which is the case with most other group classes.

In fact Dan John, a world renowned strength coach, Strong First Master, and well published Author, say’s the band system that we use is ‘the answer to group training’. Praise indeed.

“We’re all different people, so how do you expect us to all move the same?”

We don’t! Simply put, the screen lets us find what we should or shouldn’t be training. If it’s good… train, and train hard. However, if a pattern needs to be addressed, correcting the limitation will allow for much larger gains versus banging away on a dysfunctional pattern.

Training on a bad pattern will always lead to a plateau, or even worse, an injury.

Smash your Goals by improving your Strength, Power, and Endurance.

The FMS is extremely powerful at helping achieve results we never thought possible.

Not only does it provide us with the information we need to personalize each program at SGT but it allows us to identify potential barriers that may be holding you back.

By improving the way you move, we will be able to drastically improve your strength, power, and endurance. More often then not, addressing potential problems within the body allows for immediate strength gains.

You may already have a good base of strength, but if you move poorly, you may never be able to tap into it.

Move well first, and then get strong!

Come along and give it a try. Contact us for a Free taster session

Classes are held at Trinity St Mary’s, Balham. On Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 9.30am

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