21 Day Fitness Challenge March 2016

Our first 21 Day fitness challenge this year is already over and I have to say it has been another great success.

The challenge is open to everyone in Balham, Clapham, Tooting, actually anyone who lives in the Wandsworth area who’s not only interested in fat loss but who want to give their health and fitness a massive kick start.

AGF run several 21day challenges throughout the year and they are always incredibly popular. Our first challenge of 2016 we ran throughout the month of March and once again we had some awesome results!

This time we were able to run it a little different. We made several big changes, which improved the programme massively.

The major change was making the fitness challenge much more user friendly. In the past everyone had to start and finish at the same time and had no choice on which workout to join.

This year, as long as it was in March, they could start their challenge when it suited them. They could also choose which days they did their 2 workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

When you run a challenge like this, you have many different types of people, ages, fitness levels, abilities, shapes and sizes so putting together workouts that suit everyone is not just difficult, it’s pretty much impossible.

Not this year.

All participants went into our ‘Smart Group Training’ programme, which is held at Trinity St Mary’s School, Balham.

Everyone had a Movement Screen (FMS) before they took part so the workout is safe, challenging and, dare I say, fun! The SGT sessions are designed around people’s abilities and fitness levels so there suitable for pretty much everyone.

We also added 3 Nutrition webinars (very high tec!) so everyone could either listen in live or catch up with the recording when it suited them.

Onto the results….

This time round we had a few people fall by the wayside and not complete the challenge because of work and family commitments, which was a bit of a shame but the ones that stepped up, completed the 21 days, did their homework, posted in the group regularly & did their workouts had brilliant results…I’m not going to single out individual people because your all winners (retch!)

The average weight loss was…..8.25lbs

The average loss around the waist….5cm

The average loss around the hips……3.1cm

Really fantastic results for only 21 Days of work, well done to all of you and thank you for taking part.

What you do consistently overtime is what will make the difference in your health, fitness and body comp. The 21 day programme is just meant to give people a kickstart (a kick up the backside) in their health and fitness. It’s not the be all and end all! If you don’t keep up your good habits all your gains will go just as fast.

Remember: Consistency is the key!

I’m going to finish on a quote from the widely respected, Coach and author Dan John

He said “The longer it takes to get in shape, the longer the shape will remain”

Told you…!

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