How you can get more form your workouts and smash your goals

Whether you want to drop a dress size, lose the belly, tone up…or just feel a bit better….the newly formed Balham Bootcamp is THE group fitness programme, that you should be involved with.


Well, we are bringing in a system that is revolutionizing group workouts around the world.

No one is using this in there group workouts in Balham, London or even the South of England!

It’s called the Functional Movement Screen or FMS and it’s a way of screening people’s movement patterns so they stay healthy, away from injury, and we can make sure our workouts are safe, effective and help you smash your goals. (which….at the end of the day….is what we all want!)

It’s not like other Bootcamps where you just turn up and take a thrashing.

That’s easy to do.

TRAIN HARD….definitely. But you’ve got to TRAIN SMART!

The benefits you see will be HUGE!

I’ve been using the FMS as a baseline for designing all my 1-1 clients programmes for the last few years and had some amazing results and now we’re bringing it into our group fitness programme.

It will literally make our programme like having your very own personal trainer

“So what is functional movement?”

The human body is built to move: pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging and walking, these are everyday movements and functional tasks.

Whether you’re carrying a suitcase, walking up a flight of stairs, operating machinery or kicking a football, each of these activities requires a combination of these movements.

All these movements require a series of muscles and body parts to work together in a specific pattern. The brain must be able to communicate to the muscles properly, and then each muscle must begin to work in a certain order

If something in the body is out of whack, we may start to compensate, producing poor quality movement, pain with movement or no movement at all

“Why should I care about that? I only want to lose half a stone?

Ok, think of your body like a car. Working out with a compensatory movement strategy or dysfunction is like driving a car 100 mph with the parking brake on and a bad alignment.

Corrective exercise is meant to be the hand that removes the parking brake and lets you move the way you were supposed to move.

If you ignore the dysfunction eventually your car will break down.

Don’t worry, every once in a while everyone needs a tune up and the FMS is the perfect diagnostic tool.

The Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a proven system that has been used extensively over the past decade. This system has been found to be so useful, that organizations such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and US Military have been using the data gathered from the screening process to help the athletes and soldiers function at their highest level possible.

Ok, these are extremely high functioning groups, but the information works for EVERYONE… not just professional athletes.

The movement screening process is a simple and effective way to identify potential problems before they ever happen.

“We’re all different people, so how do you expect us to all move the same?”

We don’t! Simply put, the screen lets us find what we should or shouldn’t be training. If it’s good… train, and train hard. However, if a pattern needs to be addressed, correcting the limitation will allow for much larger gains versus banging away on a dysfunctional pattern.

Training on a bad pattern will always lead to a plateau, or even worse, an injury.

Smash your Goals by improving your Strength, Power, and Endurance.

The FMS is extremely powerful at helping achieve results we never thought possible.

Not only does it provide us with the information we need to personalize each program, it allows us to identify potential barriers that may be holding you back.

By improving the way you move, we will be able to drastically improve your strength, power, and endurance. More often then not, addressing potential problems within the body allows for immediate strength gains.

You may already have a good base of strength, but if you move poorly, you may never be able to tap into it.

Move well first, and then get strong!

Those are some of the benefits that will help you achieve your results. At AGF, we are constantly trying to improve on the quality of training we can provide, and the FMS is going to be the foundation of Balham Bootcamp….

….it will allow us to personalize each routine to maximize YOUR results!

The first round of assessments will be carried out by the end of September.

Any other questions send me a message.

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