Alcohol: The Bitter Truth

“Well? – Can I have a drink?”

I’m always asked this question and sometimes it’s fiercely debated. A lot of people like a drink at the end of the day just ‘to take the edge off”. Some don’t all week and have a big blow out at the weekend

Whatever you do it’s fine but if you’re interested in changing your body you need to know some facts…

Alcohol and Calories

The first thing that you need to note is how many calories are in alcohol. Alcohol contains seven calories per gram. Fat comes in at the highest calorie value per gram at nine, and carbohydrates at four calories per gram which places alcohol right in the middle.

A pint of beer is 568ml in quantity and it will range in alcohol strength between 4-5pc. That equates to about 28g of alcohol. Multiply this by seven and we get 199 calories. It is common, but not normal, for a guy to consume eight pints of beer — a total intake of nearly 1,600 calories in beer. A female opts for a small glass of wine, with a 14pc alcohol strength in a 220ml bottle. This is 31g of alcohol, equating to 216 calories — so, five to six “small” bottles is 1,300 calories

Alcohol And Fat Metabolism

The second thing you need to note is the impact that alcohol consumption will have on your fat metabolism. The minute that you put alcohol into your body, all fat burning is going to come to a halt.

Alcohol And Your Recovery

Finally, the last important thing to note about alcohol is the impact it will have on your recovery. In addition to putting the breaks on all fat burning, the second thing that alcohol is going to put the breaks on is protein synthesis.

This means that no further lean muscle tissue will be built up as long as that alcohol is in the body. Lean muscle tissue influences not only your metabolism, but also your longevity, strength and subsequently your appearance.

Alcohol can lower your testosterone, the hormone necessary to build fat burning muscle for up to five days after a night out. Again, you can imagine what this is going to do to your workout goals.

So if you want to be truly successful with your fat loss and workout program, it’s best if you can forgo alcohol for the time being. One drink every now and then may not hurt all that much, but if you’re taking in any more than this, it will definitely hinder the progress that you see.

There are usually two types of drinkers. One person will be Mr or Mrs consistent and have a glass or a few glasses of wine with dinner each night. This maybe healthy according to some reports but it is not good for fat loss. This adds up to over 1000 – 2000 extra calories per week.

The second type of drinker is pretty good during the week but come friday and saturday night it is all guns blazing. Binge drinking is popular as it is the weekend and you can let your hair down but it will play havoc with your fat burning attempts. You probably won’t recover until wednesday and hey presto it is almost the weekend again.

I am not asking you to give it up but it would be a good idea to cut back and try some other healthy beverages and then when you have your drink with dinner you will really savour it and enjoy it.

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