Zumba at The Bedford - 6 Years Old!


On Saturday the 29 October 2016. Zumba at the Bedford will be a massive 6 Years old!!

When I started I never thought it would be so popular.

To be honest, I almost didn’t open there because I didn’t think an exercise class in a PUB would work!!

Ha Ha…how wrong I was!!! The Bedford is an awesome venue, with a purpose built ballroom upstairs, great sound system and great lighting. Mix that all up with some funky tunes and great people and you’re always guaranteed an awesome atmosphere!

On Wednesday the 27 October 2010, only 12 people turned up (actually that’s not too bad for a 1st class) this gradually whittled its way down to 4 a month later and then the first week of December just 1 person turned up!!

So we closed early for Christmas…..:(

In January 2011 it really kicked off with 14 people on the 04 January and by the end of the month we had 26. The class went from strength to strength so by March we added the Monday Class and by September we added Saturday so we had 3 buzzing classes and a Zumba Toning on the go.

In those days I was doing 9 classes a week in various venues around South London!!

I’m tired just thinking about it LOL :)….but the classes at The Bedford have always been the best.

It really has been an amazing ride, my life and business has changed massively since starting up 6 years ago. Theirs been plenty of ups, a couple of downs along the way and but no matter what has happened to me Zumba has always been there and has got me through.

It is unlike any other exercise class – it’s just so much fun!

Admittedly, this year has been particularly difficult as I’ve been going through cancer treatment for Multiple Myeloma so I haven’t been able to do as much Zumba as I would have liked. (Zumba on chemo is really quite a different experience, LOL)

The classes have been expertly covered by my awesome wife Steph and the fantastic Jodie.

Hopefully you’ll want me back when I make my comeback in January!

I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has come and supported the classes over the last 6 years! Without all of your energy, enthusiasm and smiles Zumba at The Bedford just wouldn’t be so special!

So thank you…it really is all down to you guys!! You all make our job so much easier 🙂

So to celebrate we are giving you the opportunity to buy a class for just £6!! All you have to do is add this code at the checkout to take advantage, but its only valid until 5th November 2016 so be quick! 


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Did you know…….

We have done a grand total of 378 different numbers + 26 Warm ups + 19 Cool Downs!!

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