Client Of the Month - November

Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru

Victoria has to be one of the big success stories of 2016. When I met her this time last year she was literally a completely different person. She won't mind me saying this but her day to day food habits were appalling and had never exercised properly in her whole life.
Victoria knew she had to make some changes so she committed to 12 months training on our semi private programme.
It was very difficult for her at first. The training was quite a shock.
BUT she stuck to her guns, dug deep and focused on the long term.
Victoria has trained every Monday and Wednesday at 06.30 in the morning all year and only missed a handful....I want to point out....for someone who's never trained before that is is just an awesome effort!!
She's trained Saturday Mornings, Thursday nights been involved with SGT for extra exercise sessions.
The difference in her movement quality, strength and attitude from a year ago is MASSIVE.
What's more she has become a big part of the AGPF Community
She has completely changed her whole outlook on exercise and nutrition from a negative unachievable narrative to a positive enjoyable journey that will last for years to come.

Some of her awesome results include losing over 3 stone of weight, 22.5cm of her waist and 10cm of her hips! Wow! She hasn't reached her goal yet but I know she will!


Watching her change and grow over the last year really has been amazing - it's why we do what we do! We're all looking forward to seeing her smash it 2017!!




(I'm predicting that she will be the first person to win client of the month twice!!)


Well Done Victoria - YOU ARE AWESOME!!

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