4 easy ways to Speed up your Metabolism to Lose Weight

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I can remember a time when I could eat and drink what I wanted and it would have absolutely no effect on my body weight or shape!

Looking back to my early twenties (and yes the memory is quite hazy) I realize that I used to get away with absolute murder. Even while I was dancing at quite a high level my nutrition was really quite poor.

That little saying comes to mind “If I only knew then what I know now” haha

Anyway, Can you remember when you didn’t have to worry so much about what you eat?

If you can, then you were probably somewhere in your twenties and you had a High Metabolism.

Your Metabolism is the chemical engine that keeps you alive and there are numerous factors that can effect it, here are the main ones

  • Age: the older you get the slower your metabolic rate becomes, one of the reasons people can gain weight as they age.
  • Muscle Mass: the greater the muscle mass, the more calories you burn,
  • Physical Activity: The more active you are the more calories you’ll burn so your metabolism speeds up.

Not everyone is created equal when it comes to metabolic rate, environment, lifestyle and probably some genetics all come into play.

So how can we speed up our metabolism to help us lose some weight?

Unfortunately, when it comes to Fat loss, it's not always as easy as just cutting your calories, we still need some strategies to speed up the metabolism.

Here are 4 easy methods to boost your metabolism:

1) Drink Water. This one is very easy. Drinking a glass of water leads to an increase in the number of calories burned and drinking cold water is even better as your body has to burn calories to warm it up. Also there are studies that show drinking 1-1.5 litres of water a day over time leads to significant weight loss.

2) Sleep Well. Not getting enough sleep or not good quality sleep is not just bad for your health but it also slows down your metabolic rate and increases your chance of gaining weight. Everyone is different but you should aim for 7+ hours per day.

3) Eat Protein: eating the right amount of protein is essential if you want to build or maintain your muscles. You also burn more calories, protein increases the metabolic rate by 20-30% whereas carbs and fat cause a 3-10% increase.


4) Strength Train. Ok, so maybe not so easy to do, if you’ve never done it before or you don’t know what you’re doing but t’s an essential part of weight loss and keeping your metabolism from dropping as you age. Strength exercises promote the growth of muscle mass and the amount of muscle you have is directly associated with your metabolic rate.

Lots of things can affect the speed of your metabolism some are beyond our control some aren’t but for fat loss the basic rules apply: drink water, strength train, sleep and eat well.

I promise you’ll feel great and have a lot less fat to worry about.



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