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January’s Client of the Month is very well deserved. Congratulations to Sue Alhadeff!! Sue started training with us for over a year on our 1-1 and semi private programme's. Over the last year sue has made great progress in her training becoming much more agile and has built strength and lean muscle. Sue’s worked hard on her nutrition over the last year and has really got her head around what she needed to do to not only lose some weight but also make herself feel a whole lot better.

Sue lost 6lbs in November and an amazing 14lbs over the Christmas period without feeling like she was on a ‘diet’. She would also suffer from eczema, especially in the winter months and that has cleared up completely.

Congratulations Sue, awesome stuff!

What was your goal when you first signed up?
My Goal was to get fitter and lose weight and to try and change my day to day living.

Why was this important to you?
I really wanted to improve my Long term health. It was something I felt I needed a lot of help with. I’ve tried to do it on my own with not much success so I thought it better to try with other people helping me.

What has stopped you from achieving your goals in the past?
I would achieve it in incremental bits but never consistently. So it would always be…“A diet” or “a stretch of time doing something” but what I really wanted to do was make a lifestyle change. Before AGPF, I’d tried multiple times to get to my goals but nothing would ever stick.

What was the main thing that has stopped you?
I think Diet has been an issue because it’s always such a battle but in the end you get so fed up with it you think “well, what’s the point?” Over the last few years I did ramp up my exercise, so I was a lot fitter but I just felt I had to look for help and get on top of my diet.

You started with us on our 1-1 programme and the moved to semi-private.
That's right, I felt I needed a kick start with some personal attention to get the whole thing going. I didn't want to be in a big group and get lost at the back.There’s Lots of changes to make and habits to break but I’m getting there. It’s also believing you can actually do it: Too many years of ‘up and down up and down up and down’ and you get disheartened and think “well, this is never going to work!” Also living in a house of males who can eat what they want! VERY ANNOYING! But I’m very happy with my progress so far.

Has your view of yourself changed?
I’m certainly stronger, much more agile and my overall fitness has improved massively. My whole outlook on food has changed as well, for example, going from zero fat to full fat was a big change. How do you feel about the future? Just to keep going and make improvements bit by bit. I’m thinking of doing a mini-triathlon in June. Which is a good goal to have. Terrifying, but good!

What have you like best about working with us so far?
Really good communication, which I think is massively important. Apart from the training and the advice, the service we get from you guys is great, someone is always available so if there is a text or a drama you know it won’t be a major problem or you won’t get ignored for 2 days. You have a very human way of looking at each person which really makes the difference.

What challenge have you overcome?
The fear of lifting weights. I hurt my back a few years ago with someone teaching me bad kettlebell technique. So I had avoided anything like that since. I threw it into the bin and it was only an 8kg and I thought that was really heavy at the time…

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about working with us?
Give it a go. Your certainly not going to benefit. If you don’t do something…well you can look on the street at all those incredibly unhealthy people and ask yourself, do you want to end up ill, diabetic, overweight and depressed?? So you know, SEIZE THE MOMENT!

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