Struggling with your food habits??: Here's quick and easy food hack

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Do you find yourself making healthy food choices and then always come unstuck when the feeder at work runs in with cake tin?

Or are your days so stressful you just can’t avoid a date with bottle of wine most nights?

“Aargh!! It was all going so well and now I’ve gone and ruined it!”

Sound Familiar??

Firstly, I have to say, we’re all allowed to live a little. It’s important. We don’t need to live like a monk. It’s not enjoyable and it will probably send you a little crazy.

The thing is, if you want to start looking after health, lose weight, improve your body comp or even just look and feel a whole lot better then we have to take note of what we’re putting in our mouths and be consistent with our healthy choices.

Sorry, but we do!

A good rule to have is the 90:10 rule because if you’re eating well 90% of the time does the other 10% matter? Probably not.

I realise that getting to 90% could be pretty difficult. Some would fall down every time there work colleague did the donut run.

So how do we train ourselves to make better choices?? 

Anthony Robbins has a method which I’ve realized that I’ve used at certain times in my life without even realizing.

Food Hack 1: Focus your use of pain and pleasure  

"Use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you.  That's the secret to success.  You do that and you're in control of your life.  If you don't, life controls you," says Tony Robbins. 

Very wise words but how do you use pain and pleasure when it comes to eating healthy? 

Let's say you're debating whether to eat a chocolate bar.  

Robbins, who believes that avoiding pain is a greater motivator than gaining pleasure, says that what you shouldn't do is think of how good it will taste to eat the chocolate. 

Instead focus on how much weight you'll potentially gain...or, how it will be a struggle to get into your clothes...or how guilty you'll feel should you eat it.

There you go, I guess it's all about staying mindful and remembering your goals and the bigger picture rather than going for instant gratification. :)


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