How To Make Healthy Eating Easy: Food Hack #2

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If you get the chance search for a Ted Talk on YouTube called “How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy”  It's by Luke Durwad and his message was directed at people who are interested in losing weight, but who were having a hard time doing so.

The advice he gave in his talk isn't really a secret  but it's something that's often overlooked.

Durward tells the audience about his 11-year-old brother, who was quite overweight for his age.

Being a good older brother Durward is obviously concerned about his brother's weight gain and wants to help him out any way he can.

So he decides to move back home for two weeks and take control of what his brother eats.

And while the strategy he used is far from earth-shattering, it proved to be very effective.

So effective in seven days, his brother lost 5 lbs.; after 14 days he lost 8 lbs; after 20 days he lost 10 lbs. and after 36 days he lost 18 lbs.  In total, he lost 20 lbs and, more importantly, his brother has managed to keep the weight off.

So what was Durward's advice?

It's based on the premise that "if you don't have it, you can't eat it."

He simply removed all the junk food from the house. 

Makes sense right?

If you only have fruits and vegetables in the house, it's very difficult to eat an entire row of chocolate chip cookies.

I know what I’m like, if I know there’s a pack of biscuits in the house, I will hoover them up without even thinking. So the answer is just don’t buy them.

I realise this strategy will be difficult to do if you have kids so make sure you don’t overstock, buy just enough for them only.

If I’m ever tempted, I just tell myself that I’m eating my child’s food and that puts me off quite quickly.

Don’t rely on will power, we only have a limited supply. If you really want to lose weight, give yourself a chance and get rid of any temptation.


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