AG Personal Fitness - Client of the Month - February '17

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Congratulations Mary Lonsdale who we’ve crowned February’s Client of the Month.

Mary is on our 1-1 programme and has been training with us for the last 3 years. Mary has a very busy life, she runs her own business, looks after her husband David (which, believe me when I say this, is no easy task) and is a full time Mum to two young children. Mary wins this month because of the commitment and dedication to her Training and Nutrition and not allowing her hectic life to takeover, which as we all know is a very easy thing to let happen.

In particular Mary has worked really hard on her food over the last few months by completely changing some of her habits (plus not letting her mince pie fetish get the better of her at Christmas). Mary is now reaping the benefits by dropping inches and centimeters.

Congratulations Mary! Very well deserved!!

When did you start training with us?

I started training about 3 years ago in the run up to my 40 th birthday


I was doing some fitness classes on my own but I wasn’t losing the last of my baby weight which I wanted to get rid of before the big day. You got me to that goal and I just continued training because I enjoyed it so much.

You’ve been training with us for a few years now, what do you like most?

I’ve strangely come to enjoy lifting weights. I really feel I’m much stronger and fitter for that element. I would struggle to do that on my own. I wouldn’t be that motivated….BUT….I do enjoy it and it makes me feel good….

What’s changed since you started?

I never thought I’d be able to train first thing in the morning before breakfast. I had a real thing about that so I’m quite proud I can do that now. It makes a big difference in my day. Knowing that I’ve got my training sessions in, means I can get on with everything else and just relax in the evening. When you have a busy, hectic life I think it’s essential.

What have you found the most difficult on you programme?

Nutrition! I’ve had to be completely re-educated on the food side of things and that’s been a long journey. That's always been hard to be consistent and I’m always falling off the wagon, so to speak, but you guys do keep me motivated and mindful.

What’s the best thing about your programme?

I think the fact that I have you coming round at least twice a week does give me that consistency which I would never have. I would really struggle to get 2 quality sessions in every week.

How do you handle running your own business, looking after 2 children and David?

I don't!

Well, actually I think the exercise is a brilliant stress reliever, sets me up for my day with lots of endorphins, plus it’s my own personal time which I struggle to find in the rest of my day. I go to yoga for some relaxation and I’m also trying to get too bed a little bit earlier so I get more sleep.

How do you feel about our 1-1 programme?

I really enjoy it and I know you guys are looking after me and trying to push me forward which I would struggle to do myself (especially at 7am on a Monday morning!)

What do you think would happen to you if you didn't do it?

I just don’t think I would be as happy, to be honest. (plus I’s lose all of my muscle tone!)

What do you like most about AGPF?

The motivation to keep going and your smiley face turning up at the door on a Monday morning.

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