Going Sugar Free in March with AG Personal Fitness Balham

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Going Sugar Free in March with AG Personal Fitness

Around this time last year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a type of bone marrow cancer. Myeloma is not a well-known form of cancer it doesn’t usually take the form of a lump or tumor. Instead the myeloma cells divide and expand within the bone marrow which damages the bones and can affect many places in the body. Which is why it’s called Multiple Myeloma.

There are approximately 5,500 people diagnosed with myeloma every year in the UK. It’s the second most common form of blood cancer.

The treatment for any type of cancer is not pleasant, I had 4 cycles of Chemo with a Stem Cell Transplant on the end. Really not much fun but I got through it and that was really down to the care I received from The Doctors and nurses at St George’s and the love and support  I received from my family, friends and clients J

On the 13 February I was given the awesome news that I’m now officially in remission.

So why go Sugar Free?

Simply put: I wanted to do something to help raise money for Myeloma UK.

The question was what?

As I’m in the business of improving people’s health I thought what better way than raise people’s awareness of what’s increasingly been called “The White Death”  AKA  - Sugar

I’ve been advising people on their nutrition and looking over people’s Food Diaries for a while now and one thing jumps out – that we certainly have an addiction to sugar and it’s not only making us fat but having an awful effect on our health as a nation and species.

As our sugar addiction has increased over the last 300 years so has our obesity levels (to epidemic proportion), Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Diabetes rates.

Did you know In 1890, only 3 people out of 100,000 had diabetes. In 2012, almost 8,000 out of every 100,000 people was diagnosed with diabetes (and this number is rising all the time)!

Let’s take a look at the sugar consumption trends over the past 300 years:

  • In 1700, the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 1800, the average person consumed about 18 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 1900, individual consumption had risen to 90 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 2012, more than 50% of all Americans consumed 1/2 pound of sugar per day — translating to a whopping 180 pounds of sugar per year!

So do you think our societies increased addiction to sugar has anything to do with the fast rising disease rates??

I think there is no doubt about that.

So do you Fancy it?


Well if the thought of avoiding sugar for a whole month fills you with dread, fear and anxiety then it’s probably something you should at least consider doing.


Well, (apart from the fact it’s for charity) Sugar is HIGHLY addictive! Dr. Serge Ahmed, has been working with rats and giving them the choice between cocaine and sugar. Guess which one wins, time and again?

That’s right… sugar!

It turns out that the sweet taste of sugar is more rewarding than the high of cocaine.

You see, sugar produces dopamine − a happy, feel-good chemical − in the brain. People get addicted to eating sugar, whereby they need it to feel “normal” and they undergo “withdrawal” if they cut sugar from their diets. If they go “cold turkey” for a few days, their brain will begin to produce dopamine on its own, but the discomfort of the withdrawal process keeps many “sugar addicts” trapped in their addiction.

The bottom line… if you want to be and stay healthy, you MUST take control of your sugar intake so that it doesn’t take control over you and your health!

How do you join ‘AGPF’s Sugar free March.

All you need to do is donate a minimum of £15 to our just Giving page and we’ll add you to our closed FB ‘sugar free’ group. Where we will support you in getting through March.

Don’t worry, it will be a very relaxed group, how much you give up is entirely up to you. If you want to jump in and stop all forms of sugar that’s great but if you just want to cut back a little or just at weekends, then that’s fine too.

The point is to raise money for a very good cause and for you to become mindful about consuming to much of the sweet stuff.

So come on – it’s only for a month, it’s for charity AND I bet you’ll look and feel a whole lot better at the end of it!!

Click here to make a donation and join ‘Sugar Free March”


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