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Developing a successful mindset is the key to getting what you want in life, otherwise you’re always going to struggle. We see it day in day out, there are some people who are desperate to achieve a goal and they seem to do everything they can to achieve it.

Yes, some get their faster than others but that doesn’t matter! It’s all about making small improvements each and every day.

We also see people who clearly aren’t really bothered about achieving a goal, even when they say they are and who make excuse after excuse about why they haven’t made much progress.

That’s why I love this quote by Jim Rohn:

"If you really want to achieve something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

However, that quote is missing one fairly major thing….. You have to know WHY you want to achieve the thing.

I see lots of people say they really want to do something but never do it. It always comes down to the fact that there is no reason for them to do it, there is no why.

Whenever I am struggling to keep focused on a task, project, goal, I ask myself one simple question...

“Why do I want to do this?” Knowing WHY is the key for doing anything. When I ask this, I am like a kid, I ask myself “Why” 5 times. You may even see or hear us do it with you or with other clients. We are not doing it to be annoying, we do it, to help you find the real why behind wanting to do something.

So let me ask you…. Why do you want to be fit and healthy? Answer: well,  whatever the answer is, ask yourself this. Why is that important to me? Repeat that process 3 more times.

You see, when you do this you go from an answer of… “I want to lose a few pounds & feel better about myself” To…. “It is so important that I get fit and healthy because I want to be a good role model for my children, I want them to see that I value my health, I want to be a better mum, wife, boss. I want my kids to grow up healthy, as I know healthy kids will grow into healthy adults and healthy adults are more successful. I want to live a truly fulfilling life where I am always active. I want to be around for my children and grandchildren. I want to feel amazing in myself, have more confidence. ”

When someone opens up to me and gives me an amazing ‘Why’ then I have no doubt in my mind that they will achieve their goal. Every now and again we lose sight of our why. That’s ok, life does have a habit of throwing us a curve ball and different things can take priority.

You should always come back to your why, I can’t stress how important it is in relation to getting back on track with your goals! So, if you’ve been slipping backwards or just not getting any closer to your goal and you find you are eating things you know you shouldn’t and not getting to the gym when you know you should, then I would suggest it’s time to revisit your why. If you’ve found yourself slowly slipping off track then I suggest you revisit your why.

Your why could be the difference between going to the gym and staying on the couch.

It could be difference between that protein bar in the cupboard from weeks ago and the chocolate bar in your bag that was ‘for the kids.’

Do This: Grab a bit of paper and a pen now or write me an email. At the top of the page write down the question “Why do I want to get fit and healthy?” or even better write down your specific goal, e.g. “Why do I want to drop a dress size?” Then just write all the things that come to mind. Keep asking yourself… Why? Why is that important to me.

When something is important enough to you, you will find a way to do it.

Once you have got your WHY, then stick it up on a wall somewhere, put it as your phone background or put it as a daily reminder on your phone. Just make sure it’s somewhere you see it every day. Every time you think about choosing the unhealthy option, or not doing a workout, revisit your why. Tell yourself why you are doing it, then make a decision


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