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Congratulations Chris, who is our Client of the Month for March. Chris’s partner Sophie, bought him our Fit n lean Programme for Christmas as chris had fallen into the trap of working hard and doing absolutely no exercise at all.  After getting over the initial shock that his partner had booked him 2 months of semi-private training he absolutely smashed it. Losing 3.75 inches of his waist, massively improving his functional movement and strength but the best thing was completely changing his mindset and attitude towards exercise. Literally going from a couch potato to a silver surfer. Congratulations Chris - Awesome work!


Ashley: So Chris, how did you hear about us?

Chris: It was my Christmas present from my partner, (although I’d have preferred a watch!) It wasn’t on my list of things that I had asked for, but it fitted in with the theme if having a good 2017.


Ashley: Were there heated discussions about it?

Chris: I don’t like surprises, so to an extent, yes, but she once bought me a holiday to Mexico and I didn’t like that because that was a surprise! So whether it’s a good or a bad surprise, I don’t tend to like them. If I haven’t had any control in the decision making, I don’t like it.


Ashley: I see! Were you worried about starting?

Chris: No, not at all. I don’t think there was anything really to worry about.


Ashley: Did you have a goal when you started, and if so, what was it?

Chris: Yes, I did. It wasn’t really to lose weight, it was just to feel better. To feel better and feel happier with myself.


Ashley: How did you find the sessions, and what sort of thing did you do in them?

Chris: They were really good! Genuinely really good fun. And I did loads! I struggled at most with the things where I had to remember technicalities. I was good with straight forward, but I’m terrible at having to remember things like opposites and moves.


Ashley: So before you started this, what was your exercise regime?

Chris: Occasionally I’d go for a run. So this was quite a shock to the system because there was zero strength training in my regime, and that was a very new thing.


Ashley: How did we help you?

Chris: You helped me adjust and comprehend the importance of, I’d say looking after your body, but really looking after your muscles, your joints and how sitting at a desk actually affects you in a really detrimental way. Not just that you’re putting on weight when you’re eating lunch, but you can tell when you stretch and when you move that you can invisage yourself as an old person not being able to pick up a bag of shopping or not being able to do anything and that’s actually fearsome. You realise you have to start thinking about it now, especially as you pass the other side of 30. It all goes quite downhill at quite a rapid rate after you reach 30!


Ashley: Wait ‘till you hit 40!  

Chris: I’ll make sure by then this is well and truly going in the right direction. Even if it’s just small steps and adjustments per year.


Ashley: Do you think you’ve changed since you started? And in what ways?

Chris: Yes! I am happier not drinking as much and happier with that little bit of progress in terms of how much stronger I am, and in fact thinner too. I happy because I feel like I’ve been more proactive and now the whole package is in better shape as well. My understanding and all my interest in it is certainly heightened, because before this I really had zero comprehension and very little interest in this kind of thing. I was aware it was something to focus on or at least have in the background, but this has prompted me to start really doing it and actually I’ve realised it’s quite a nice thing to do.


Ashley: Is someone telling you what to do a big thing that has changed you the most?

Chris: Yes, I have awful self motivation for going to the gym. The gym is so boring and I can’t wait for anything; in normal life I can’t stand queueing. If anything goes wrong, I’m out, I’m straight in the jacuzzi! I have a terrible sulky attitude towards that kind of thing, and this circumvents that incredibly.


Ashley: So has your view of yourself changed?

Chris: Yes it has, I’m genuinely happier. It actually feels quite nice only having a couple of pints, I still have a great time and there’s no need to drink loads.


Ashley: And do you feel your sessions set you up for the morning?

Chris: Yes, you’re much more awake than anyone else in the office! And that’s really nice, going into work with a spring in your step. You feel really good for it and I really like it.


Ashley: What would you say to someone else, in your situation, thinking of joining the programme?

Chris: I’d certainly say if someone was of similar mindset to be, then it is bar on essential in all honesty. Even if they had that extra 5 or 10% more enthusiasm where they’d actually gone out there and considered doing it and actually done it themselves then it will work, it will be amazing and will work absolute wonders.


Ashley: Chris, from couch potato to silver surfer!

Chris: There we are, yeah that’s right! I’m in that direction, maybe one day I’ll be like one of those really active 70 year olds, you never know!

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