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A massive Congratulations to Peter Dean who is April’s Client of the Month.

Peter joined us in January after taking one of our Christmas offers and has been an awesome client and has completely smashed it. Peter works in the wine industry so there are many lunches, dinners & tastings to contend with so everyday can be a challenge.

However, Peter has stayed focused, kept his eye on the prize and hit every monthly goal we set him, massively improving his Health and Fitness.


So far he has lost 18lbs. 7.5cm’s off his waist and 6cm’s off his hips.


Congratulations Peter!! A really awesome job!!


Ashley: How did you hear about us?


Peter: Through my wife Emma. She’s been training with you guys for 6-9 months now and I have noticed a real change in how toned she has become since starting.


Ashley: Why did you decide to join our programme?


Peter: The turning point was on Christmas day, just before lunchtime, when I tried to put on 2 shirts that my wife had bought me for Christmas. I couldn’t get either of them on, and they were both in a large size. So I decided to put on my nicest shirt instead, and I couldn’t get that on either! The night before I’d been at a party and I couldn’t dance because my back hurt and my foot hurt, and at that point I thought, you know what, I’ve got to do something about this.


Ashley: So you took one of our Christmas offers – A one month trial.


Peter: Yes, I started on a trial month. My goals were primarily to lose a certain amount of weight and gain fitness to the point where I could start keeping my weight and strength at a good maintainable level.


Ashley: What was your exercise regime before you started at AG Personal Fitness?


Peter: Only cycling. I cycle a fair amount, but only deals with the lower body, it doesn’t deal with the upper body and it’s obviously mainly cardio.


Ashley: Have you ever been to the gym before?


Peter: Never! January this year was the first time I’d ever been in one. I’ve always avoided them because I thought they were for people who wanna eat muffins on a walking machine watching CNN.


Ashley: So how are your sessions?


Peter: I found it really hard at first. Particularly when one trainer realised I was hungover and gave me a particularly hard workout! But I did find it really difficult, because I didn’t have the pliability and some exercises, specifically, I found really difficult.


Ashley: How did we help you?


Peter: Firstly, gaining strength overall was a real change. I think the tone of the instruction is just right - it pushes you but in a really nice way. It’s not aggressive or macho, which is what really put me off and kept me out of the gym previously. I don’t want to be shouted at or anything, so I think it’s a really nice tone and that’s what’s really helped me in doing this. You’ve helped me with the exercises, helped me gain lots of confidence, and in terms of the weight loss there’s this kind of omnipresent Ashley hovering over my larder, and I do feel a sense of accountability. I don’t fill in my food diary all the time because I know I’m on top of it, but I still get that feeling of public accountability.


Ashley: In terms of food what do you find most difficult?


Peter: I think from working at home it’s difficult. When I used to go into the office, I’d only take exactly what I was going to eat that day, and I wouldn't eat anything more. But I think at home there’s those little moments when things from the larder start singing at you, but we don’t buy bad foods anymore and I think that’s the key, just don’t buy it in the first place.


Ashley: How do you feel now since starting the programme? What’s changed?


Peter: I feel very very healthy and it’s just self perpetuating. Yesterday I put a shirt on, Paul Smith, tight fit one that I haven’t worn in years, and, you know, those little things help keep you going and makes you want to achieve your goal.


Ashley: What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining the programme?


Peter: I think, give it 4 weeks, set realistic goals and you will certainly be continuing on this programme for longer than a month.


Ashley: So what’s your goal now?


Peter: My immediate goal is to maintain what I’m doing, and slowly go down another 4 and a half pounds to my goal weight. But now I’ve got here, I might go beyond! I might try and aim for an even healthier weight, so long as I’m still building up strength and toning. 

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