May Client of the Month

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A huge congratulations to Jessica who has been crowned May’s Client of the Month!!

Jessica has a busy job and an even busier home life looking after 2 young children and a husband, so over the last few years has found it almost impossible to find time for good, consistent exercise. Sound familiar? I know we’ve all been in similar situations where life can just takeover, once your out of the habit getting back into it seems a daunting task...but Jessica jumped back in just over 3 months ago and is now smashing all her workouts and feeling much healthier and happier!


Good Job Jessica!!


Ashley: How did you hear about us?

Jessica: I first saw your training sessions on the common and then you had a stall at the Abbotswood Road fair, then hung onto your flyer for ages and finally took some motivation I had to contact you. About 10 months to get in contact.


Ashley: Why did it take so long?

Jessica: Struggling with motivation and kept having lots of excuses why I couldn’t do it, and then one day I woke up, had enough and decided to get into contact.


Ashley: So, you work part time?

Jessica: Yes, I work part time doing 2 and a half days per week. I’ve got  2 young kids and a husband who works long hours so it’s all about trying to fit it in with all of that.


Ashley: What was your goal when you started?

Jessica: My goal was to get back to feeling fit and strong again. To feel a bit better about myself and start taking care of my body and just being healthy.


Ashley: And when did you start, and what results have you had?

Jessica: I started 2 months ago and since then I’ve lost 8cm off my waist, 4cm off my hips, and I’m just generally in myself feeling so much better. I’ve got more energy, feeling more confident, and feeling stronger.


Ashley: How have the sessions been?

Jessica: The sessions are brilliant! Really, really good! There’s an amazing variety, no 2 sessions are ever the same, and Tag and Jamie do a brilliant job with keeping it really interesting. Good mix of kettlebells, great mix of people - everyone’s really friendly. Good range of times as well - I really look forward to my sessions, they’re great!


Ashley: What have you found difficult?

Jessica: Cutting out sugar. It’s really hard, and also the snacks! It’s been really tough actually. Juggling things with the family actually isn’t that bad because I can book in with the sessions ahead of time and then I know that’s coming which has worked out well.


Ashley: You’ve done really well! What are your goals going forward?

Jessica: I’d like to try and go up the weights a little bit and get even stronger, just continue doing well with the food, and a couple more centimetres off all round would be nice as well.


Ashley: Have you noticed, in general day to day, that you’ve been getting stronger?

Jessica: Definitely, things like carrying the kids around a lot has gotten a lot easier - going up the stairs with them for bath-time has become easier! Carrying the shopping bags and everything, and I just feel more limber and I feel like the body’s working a lot better.


Congratulations Jessica! An organic veg box from farmdrop is on it’s way to you!

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