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Shivani Shaunak - June Client of the Month


Ashley: When did you start with us?


Shivani: I started back in January on the 21 day challenge and I’ve been doing the Fit and Lean Programme since as well. It’s been really good - quite a journey!


Ashley: What was your goal when you started?


Shivani: Initially I wanted to aim to go down 2 dress sizes and get ready for my sister's wedding which is coming up in the summer. But also just overall fitness and I was getting a bit out of shape and it was time to do something about it. New year, new start and wanted to make a change quickly, so I thought the programme would be a good way to start.


Ashley: Now you’re one of our Semi-Privates, how have you found it?


Shivani: It’s been really good! The sessions are always different and interesting. I really needed someone who can guide me through the different exercises, keep me on track and keep me motivated because on my own I just don’t do it. So in that sense it’s been really good and I never get bored - there’s always a new challenge to be working towards.


Ashley: And how’s the nutrition?


Shivani: Nutrition initially was the hardest thing for me to get my head round, but I’ve definitely noticed a change in my eating styles, and when I do have junk food it doesn’t feel as good any more. I think there have been some serious lifestyle changes that have gone along with this.


Ashley: How are we looking after you?


Shivani: Really well! Every 2 weeks we get a little spot check from yourself, to see how we’re doing. It’s keeping us on track, which is really helpful - keeps us motivated.


Ashley: What results have you had?


Shivani: So, since January I’ve lost 13cm off my waist, and lost about a stone and a half overall, which is really good! 

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