5 ways to add more calm into your life

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Your Daily Moment of Joy!

While we are engaged in fantastic new technology, which opens up the lives of others so we can check in and see what they’re doing, it’s easy to forget to stay present in the moment and we can neglect our own needs.


We must learn to appreciate other people’s achievements, yes, but also support them in their struggles without taking them on as our own stress. Make sure you’re living your life, not overly concerned with someone else's. Dedicate 10 minutes each day to something that brings you joy! Read some of that compelling book, listen to that song you love really loudly in your headphones, anything that gives you that little rush of happiness for yourself.



Become Grounded

What is grounding yourself? Well, we all know what it feels like to be running round the city from one appointment to another, squeezing in that coffee on the go while you rush back to the office for the next thing, and on and on until the sun has set and we’re back at home thinking, what did I even do today?!


Take a pause sometime during the day to refocus and ground yourself. To feel grounded means reconnecting with your thoughts and simply be. Put your phone down, take your eyes away from that screen and relax.



Sometimes the best thing we can do when we need to work faster and get more and more things done, is actually to slow down. Taking in your surroundings - yes I know you look at the same office space everyday - but really taking the time to look around, maybe out of the window. Study and focus on something, perhaps that beautiful tree that’s grown tall and strong and vibrantly green, or the plants inside the office.


Taking the time to reflect on the beauty of something is a remarkable tool because it quickly helps make you feel more at ease and grounded. Use this on a day where you’re running around like a maniac and you may even begin to feel half human again!


Laugh Whenever You Can

At every opportunity, laugh! Life’s not as stressful as we make out. Change your life by deciding how to react to certain situations - it’s your choice whether you go through the day worried and frantic and annoyed or calm and happy.


Why not choose to think, yes I can handle it all and I will get everything done in a calm and productive manner. After all, the energy you expense being stressed is probably the thing that’s making you tired most of the time!



Control what you can

Worrying about the things we can’t control causes us to feel stressed and ultimately exhausted, all the time! Stress is a real strain on our bodies . Learning to stop listening to that negative chatterbox in your mind means you can relieve yourself of this stress. But we all know how seemingly impossible it is to switch off those thoughts “what if my train is late”, “what if the stock-market goes down”, “what if I don’t get that job”.


In reality, the likelihood of these negative things happening as often as your chatterbox makes you believe they will, is very very small. So why not choose to think positive thoughts - everything will happen beautifully and if not, I’ll handle it, and in the meantime I will continue being present in the moment and enjoying what I’m doing right now.



Life is busy and chaotic and feels downright crazy at times! But these small adjustments can make us feel that little bit more relaxed and calm. Even if you can’t implement all 5 of them right now, even just trying out 1 or 2 will help slow things down so you can feel calmer and more at ease as you go through your day.

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