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Meera – Client of The Month


Ashley: So Meera – Client of the Month for August – Good Job!


Tell me when you started training with us…..


Meera: I started with the ‘21 Day Challenge’ in January as a bit of a kickstart…then I went onto the ‘Fit & Lean’ and then into Semi Private Training.


Ashley: Ok, Cool. What was your goal when you started?


Meera: Well….I was engaged….my wedding is this month…so I had a few extra pounds to lose (patting her tummy)….so that’s the main reason I wanted to join…as well as getting a bit stronger and getting a bit fitter….but that was the main reason..

Ashley: Hi…So before you joined us what were you doing, exercise wise?

Meera: Well I was part of the gym for over a year…which I thought would give me loads of incentive but I didn’t drop a single pound in fact it started piling up and up and up….but having joined AG Personal Fitness….because I’ve got that motivation…and all the wonderful Personal Trainers that help me along…I’ve lost as much as I have.


Ashley: OK….What results have you had?


Meera: Well, it’s been quite an up and down journey but it has been quite consistent weight loss throughout so in total…since January…..I’ve lost about 10 kgs which has been really really good and dropped a few dress sizes.


Ashley: So two dress sizes and 10 kgs? That Is awesome…How are you feeling in yourself now??


Meera: Excellent! So much better…before I couldn’t even lift a can of Heinz beans….but now I’m doing presses…and all kinds of stuff…so much stronger…much fitter…and actually enjoying exercise which is great.


Ashley: Yes. That’s the main thing. Awesome. What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining on of our programmes?


Meera: Do it! Definitely do it….and just keep at it….because everyone is really supportive and helps you out along the way. So Definitely join!!


Ashley: When are you getting married?


Meera: Next week Friday (11 august) 7 days!!


Ashley: Yeeaaa! Congratulations. High Five!!


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