Counting the minutes until lunchtime??

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Have you skipped breakfast or only had a round of toast?


You get to the office and by 9.30am you’re reaching for the biscuits.


When the morning feels like it’s going a little slower than usual. You are already thinking about lunchtime and watching the clock!!


But it’s only 11am! Is it too early to eat lunch?


While you don’t need to ignore a rumbling stomach, wanting to eat lunch earlier might not always be because you’re hungry. These are a few reasons why you might want to eat lunch early:


Your breakfast isn’t as healthy and nutritious as it should be


We all need to eat a substantial breakfast … missing it won’t help you lose weight and eating it won’t make you out on weight!! - it is really important to eat breakfast everday!

But if your breakfast doesn’t balance some protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, it might be letting you down. A grab-and-go packaged cereal bar is highly processed and high in sugar, giving you very little nutrients and leaving you feeling hungry again a short time later.

Taking a few steps to make your breakfast more nutritious can help you to feel satisfied, so you’re not reaching for lunch until later.


You’re dehydrated


Sometimes what you think is hunger is actually a sign that you’re thirsty! Water helps our body’s to make use of the nutrients in our food intake.A sigh you are dehyrdrated can be a sudden craving for food, or feeling really hungry. Drink some water and wait a few minutes to see if the hunger subsides. If not, it might be time to reach for your lunch.


You’re bored


Scrolling through Facebook when you’re bored is an easy way to trigger hungry feelings, especially when there are so many beautiful food photos! Boredom can lead to emotional eating, which might be why you want to eat lunch early!

Instead of relying on lunch to cure your boredom, try going for a quick walk instead. You’ll likely find having a distraction leaves you feeling less hungry.


You’ve been working or training hard


If you’re training regularly and pushing your body harder than before, it’s not a big surprise you want to eat a bit more. This can be linked to a boost in your metabolism, so you might be burning through your stores of energy and glucose faster. Eating regular nutrient-rich meals and healthy snacks can help satiate your hunger and replenish those stores.


Some days you might want to eat lunch earlier than usual and that’s okay! Just try to listen to your body and get to know when it’s really ready for a meal. It might just be giving you a hint that it needs something else.


Don’t always reach for the biscuit barrel first!

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