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Our everyday lives can get so busy we sometimes forget to take time out for ourselves and just be in the moment.


We can get so stressed and pulled down with all the things we have to get done every day, work, children, seeing friends and family, just life in general, but it is so important to make sure we focus on us once in a while too.


I focus a lot on business everyday, and fitting in family life with my training and aldo nutrition, but I also make sure i set aside time to focus on my mindset.

Mindfulness helps the body deal with anxiety and stress so if we are setting time in our schedules to make sure we do this is can help us reduce the stress we feel doing our daily tasks.


Part of what I do to, and what you can do to keep your stress levels and mood in check, and is a quick and effective tool to use is the power of your breath.

Our breath is constantly available to us, so why don’t we use it more to our advantage (other than staying alive)


Your body has 2 nervous systems, the parasympathetic (PSNS) and the sympathetic (SNS) nervous system. They cannot both function at the same time. The PSNS is associated with ‘slowing down’ and relaxing us and the SNS helps our body prepare for action. Generally our SNS is used a lot more, and when it does our body doesn't prioritise functions we need to cope with emotional stress because it is too busy preparing to fight (or in today’s terminology ready to attack the emails, or make a work meeting on time, or get the kids to that rehearsal etc).


Using our breath as an effective tool can help us to activate our PSNS, and in turn will reduce our stress hormone, improve our digestion, lower blood pressure and help our muscles to relax.


Just 4-5 deep belly breaths can initiate a relaxation response in our bodies. I do this every morning as part of my morning ritual to get me ready for the day.

It truly helps me to lower my anxiety and stress levels and helps me prepare for the day ahead.


Give it a try for the next 7 days. Every morning before you get ready in a morning do at least 4-5 deep belly breaths and focus on your breath, I promise it will do wonders for how you tackle the day.

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