Do you suffer from chocolate cravings??

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Have you still got a ton of chocolate left from the weekend, or have you munched your way through most of it already?


Is it something you regularly get cravings for?


If so, then keep reading! I’m going to talk about some of the common reasons we reach for chocolate, and how to deal with chocolate cravings when they hit!


Chocolate craving: after a meal


If you’re used to having dessert after dinner, it might purely be a habit that you start craving chocolate after a meal. A good way to reduce chocolate cravings at this time of day is by switching the chocolate to something sweet that is still good for you. Try swapping squares of chocolate for berries, or make a cup of herbal tea with a little honey!


Chocolate craving: when your energy is low


Unfortunately, reaching for some chocolate when you’re tired isn’t a great long-term fix. You’re likely to get a quick burst of energy due to the sugar content and getting a blood sugar rush, but it can wear off quickly and leave you to feel as tired as before. Instead, switch to a snack that provides longer-lasting energy, such as some chicken and hummus, or peanut butter and celery, something with protein in it.


Chocolate craving: ladies when it’s that time of the month


One of the reasons why you may have chocolate cravings at this time can be due to lowered levels of magnesium. If you want to satisfy the craving, try having a few squares of good quality dark chocolate, at keast 70% cacao. Otherwise, snack on a couple of almonds for a little magnesium!


Chocolate craving: when you’re feeling sad or stressed out


Sometimes chocolate cravings can hit you on a tough day. Before you know it, you might have eaten half a block! Our emotions have a huge impact on our food choices, so rather than reaching for chocolate, try going for a short walk, speaking to a friend or popping on a face mask! A distraction can make a big difference.


Remember having a little chocolate is fine, so don’t punish yourself! So long as you’re eating it in moderation, enjoying chocolate is okay. Just be mindful of some of the reasons you might be getting cravings, and see if you can identify any patterns.

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