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Metabolism ….or in other words the amount of calories your body needs while resting. SO if you have a higher metabolism then you will be burning more calories while you are not exercising.


Sound good… errrr yes I hear you say, then here are some scientifically proven ways to boost yours:


Build muscle - while strength training won;t burn many calories during your workout,, you will continue to burn up calories up to 48 hours after as your muscles repair and get stronger. Plus … the more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate and it takes a lot of energy to sustain this tissue e en when you are relaxing on the sofa!


Sleep!! - Thats right folks… researchers have found a link between metabolism and sleep, and not getting enough can significantly lower it, so make sure you are getting into a good sleep routine.


Increase your workout intensity - High intensity interval training (HIIT), such as intervak runs or sprints are quick bouts of intense exercise that can jump start the metabolism and keep us burning calories long after we have finished.


Eat ENOUGH Protein - this macronutrient has a high termice effect, which means it naturally requires a lot of energy to digest and breakdown, which is why it also keeps you fuller for longer, so be sure to eat at least 30/40g of protein with EVERY meal!!


There are a lot of pills and magic potions available out there but do your research first!! In my opinion there is no short cut to long term good health. You need to put in the hard work yourself, and you will get the results you want.

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