Amazingly Healthy food Combo's

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Did you know that combining certain foods can maximise the benefit of eating them!?!


Here are 3 combos you can try and why they work so well together:


Kale and Chicken


1 cup of Kale contains 120% of the recommended intake of Vitamin , add that to a chicken drumstick, which is a rich source of building blocks for collagen, and you maximise the synthesis of collagen in your own body for healthier joints and skin, hair and nails.


Eggs and Rainbow Salad


By eating eggs, combined with a lovely bowl of leafy greens you will maximise the absorption of fat soluble compounds in the greens, including carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin which all play a role in good eye health and preventing macular degeneration (but without the fat source(egg) the absorption of the compounds is negligible)). It protects and enhances your brain and eyes.


Lastly Broccoli and Mustard powder!!


Eating raw broccoli is great for you, I eat a raw veggie salad at least once a week. It is a powerful source of glucosinolates which combine with an enzyme call myrosinase to create a powerful gene modulator called sulforaphane. I started doing this when i was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma. When you heat and cook broccoli the enzyme normally in the broccoli is lost. However, you can easily add the enzyme back in by sprinkling over some mustard powder, giving you back the myrosinase. Sulforaphane is a great and powerful anti-inflammatory and potential cancer fighter!


It’s amazing what the food we eat can do for our bodies, and how it can provide us with everything we need to stay healthy.

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