Fat burning dinner anyone??

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To get the most benefit from your meal, and to make sure you are burning fat make sure your meals include these things:




Protein - Aim for at least 30-40g with every meal. Protein provides satiety, so you are left feeling full and satisfied and won’t need to snack after an hour or so.  It provides the building blocks you need to build lean muscle and has the highest thermic effect on food, meaning our metabolic rate is increased as it takes more energy to absorb and break down and so burns more calories.




Vegetables also contain satiety fibre, and are low in calories and provide our bodies with high amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Nutrient deficiencies are linked to obesity, heart disease, so be sure to eat a variety of veggies with every meal, aim for at least 3 servings with every meal. And the more variety of colour the more variety of minerals and vitamins you will be eating.




Healthy fats in our diets are essential. Fats are not bad. Sources such as avocado, oily fish, eggs, olive oil, flax and chai seeds all help to balance our cholesterol, support good hormone production, reduce inflammation in our bodies, and provide satiety. They also aid the body in using its own fat for fuel, so when eaten in the right amount will help you burn fat and not store it.




Carbs are a fuel source like fats and like fats you need them in your diet in the right amount. Make sure you choose complex carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, lentil, and brown rice as they digest slower. Depending on your goals and food tolerances will determine which ones are best for you, so try them out. Really try and eat these after a workout and aim for no more than a quarter of your plate with these.

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