Don’t drink your calories EAT them

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Your body doesn’t register liquids the same way it does foods.


Real food you eat provides your body with all the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients its needs. Fruit juices especially as real fruit contains fibre which you need for a healthy digestive system. Plus, you will feel much more satisfied eating your calories than drinking them.


Fruit juices like fizzy drinks, energy drinks, ready made lattes, are full of empty nutritious calories and are super high in sugar. A 8oz bottle of apple juice has 7 teaspoons of sugar, and an energy drink has 19 teaspoons of sugar!!


The issue with just one teaspoon of sugar is that it lowers your immune system for several hours. It also leads to weight gain, increasing your triglyceride levels causing insulin resistance and hormone imbalances.


So can you imagine what the sugar in fizzy drinks and energy drinks does!!!!

Fruits do contain natural sugars but they are also loaded with nutrients and fibre. They contain simple sugars such as fructose, and also long chain carbs which take longer to digest and absorb.


It is really important to eat a diet high in real food and limit your intake of empty calories.


Keep hydrated instead with water, green teas, nettle teas, black coffee and infused filtered water like mInt, lemon or raspberry.


Also try smoothies with all the fruit, get your vita mix blender out and add the whole fruit so you are still getting all the fibre and nutrients as you would eating it

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